Tooth and Claw

Road Trip

He shifted in his seat. The journey was taking its toll on him, his right butt cheek was completely asleep and had been for the last half an hour. It would have been much easier to walk there, longer, but easier. Julia had made clear that time was of the essence so here they were, crammed into a metal box for 3 days. A quick drive around the city was one thing, this was quite another.

He wasn’t happy about any of this. The idea of helping Victor and Fiona made him sick to his stomach. He despised them. Every inch of him crawled picturing them, Gaia help him when they actually came face to face again. Still, on the up side something terrible and extremely painful might happen to them or, even better, he might get a chance to kill them himself. That was a nice thought, cheered him up a bit

And then there was No-Sun who was apparently back from the dead. He had never actually seen the metis die but had heard it was very final, not really much chance of getting up afterwards. How then could he be walking around in tattoo parlours? He had seen a lot of things and done a lot that did not and should not be possible so he probably wasn’t the best judge of what can and cannot happen. It had come as shock though that the others had suspected something like this for so long.

He shrugged internally. If they didn’t want to tell him they didn’t have to, wasn’t his business anyway. He had very little to do with the remnants of that pack and that was the way he liked it. It was just that all of this worrying about No-Sun had caught him a bit unaware. If he was back from the dead then that was something to worry about and investigate especially with Annie’s history regarding him. She put him in the ground once and he’d take every opportunity to get his revenge, if he was alive again. No-Sun was just another problem coming back to haunt them after they’d failed to deal with this problem all those months ago. Victor and Fiona, he wanted to etch his name in their bones. Nerzuul, he wanted his head on a spike, preferably still wriggling. Natalia… He shock the memory of her from his mind. Just another problem.

Wendigoes, now there was another problem. You can’t go around pissing off totems spirits and expect to get away with it unscathed. Things would be so much easier if Nahuel had just killed his brother. Then at least he wouldn’t be getting shot in the head through hotel doors. For how long were they going to put the safety of their enemies before their own? It was beginning to get ridiculous.

For all his want of the kin-Slayers blood though Cal did not take as much pleasure in killing as he used to. In fact he’d felt quite bad about taking a shot at the Wendigo in the corridor and blowing up that car. He hadn’t enjoyed it at all. They weren’t bad people, they were just doing what their tribe had asked of them. They were doing their duty as they saw it for the totem, an honourable act if nothing else. If the Stag asked him to deal with a traitor his next question would not be “do they deserve it” it would be “name and address,” fortunately the Stag had hounds to deal with those types of things and they were more than capable of getting the job done. He sighed a little. He missed his trophy.

Still the wendigoes had tried to kill him so they got what was coming to them, even if it did feel wrong. He wondered what Sheathed-Blade would make of his actions. He needed to avoid killing anyone else, maybe just restrain them, try to talk to them, unless it was the Kin-Slayers, he would take great pleasure in kill them if the opportunity rose to take their heads.

It didn’t matter. His personal opinions didn’t enter into this, he couldn’t allow them to. He would do his best to control his hatred for these people. They needed to work together for Annie’s benefit and to keep the Wendigoes at bay. That was all the convincing he needed. It would be difficult, killing for his pack had always come easy, but not killing for them that was the real challenge but he could manage. The others had decided the course of action and he would follow where they went. It would all work out in the end, it always did. He just hoped he could get it over with quickly and get home again before anything else happened, preferably not by car though.



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