Tooth and Claw

Saving people

Cal hit the wall hard and fell to the floor. He wasn’t hurt in any real way, the damage was purely superficial. He saw Nahuel charge and attempt the tackle the figure but he came away with little else than its cloak, which fell away to the ground empty. What the hell?! He looked around the room searching for the…whatever it was, but there was no sign if it, it had simply vanished. He ground his teeth and growled, he felt rage rise within him, anger at the bastards that had tried to hurt his friend, but it quickly became subsumed by concern for Darcy.

He went to her side as Nahuel took off running behind him, he must have seen something Cal could not. He moved round behind Darcy and cut her loose from the post with his claws. Ok, shit, what would Annie do, mmm…. breathing. He put his ear to her chest. Ok, she’s breathing and her heart is beating. She’s probably alive then. He looked her over. No visible wounds, looks like she’s just out of it then. Cal heaved a sigh of tempered joy. She was ok, they had made it in time and they had saved her from a gruesome fate. He bent down and lifted her into his arms. They were not out of danger just yet. The killer could still be around. Darcy’s safety was now his primary concern.

He carried her out of the tunnel slowly, making sure the way was safe. His grip was secure but gentle, he wouldn’t risk injuring her, but he wouldn’t drop her either. They emerged to find the warehouse as they had left it, deserted, save for Nahuel. He said that he had seen the figure disappear off down the street. Cal swore internally. The bastard got away. It’s nobody’s fault. It was invisible, whatever the hell it was. We saved Darcy. That’s the main thing.

They had worked together to save her. Through a combination of speed, strength and basic sense they had found her and saved her, while keeping the rest of the kinfolk safe. They had made Julia proud, like they said they would. The killer was still out there, but they would find it. They had its cloak and that was not without merit. There was bound to be something they could do with it.

They headed back to the church, Nahuel scouted the area as they went, making sure they weren’t being followed or an ambush wasn’t lying in wait. The trek was welcomingly uneventful. When they returned to the church Cal could hear worried conversation from within. Word of what was going on had clearly spread throughout the kinfolk, rumours about what was happening with Darcy would have spread like wild fire. Its ok, we’re nearly there. Soon, everything will be ok.

He took a breath and approached the door. Nahuel went first and the room went quiet. Cal followed behind with Darcy in his arms. Everyone was looking at them, their features a mixture of fear, panic and concern.

“It’s ok. She’s ok. She’s safe now” Cal spoke with an obvious strength and relief. He watched as the mood in the room transformed. Concern remained but the fear ebbed away and was replaced with relief. All eyes in the room building rested on them and he saw something then in everybody around him. He saw respect and gratitude. He felt a little spark ignite in his soul, a hint of pride, a speck of self-worth took root.

I could get used to this whole being a hero thing.

They had stayed briefly, just long enough to make sure that Darcy would be ok and placate any fears that the Kinfolk had, then they headed had headed for home. He was in a good mood all things considered, but cautiously so, the killer was still loose. Cal and Nahuel slept in a pile in the middle of the living room, not only as a bonding moment after their day of working together, but also for safety. Cal’s mind would not let him sleep however, it raced constantly. He moved an armchair into the corner of the room and watched the door to the hallway and the window. He sipped at a beer while thoughts ran through his head. He wished Julia was here. It was safer here than there, with him. He ran his hands through his hair. No, that probably wasn’t true. That building would be much harder to attack than this house, but still, he wished she was home.

He spun a silver bullet in his fingers, the gentle tingling of unease keeping him awake. The weight of the gun on his knee comforting him. They were not done yet. Not by any stretch. They had saved Darcy and stopped the ritual but the murderer was still out there. It had already proved it didn’t fear being caught, after all, why would it, it was invisible and left no trace, and just because they had stopped this part of the ritual doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen again. Cal sipped the beer, thinking things through. It was much more likely to come after them for revenge. If it was clever it would attack when they thought they were safe, when they thought they’d won, so the next few days would be dangerous and they would have to stay on their guard.

It’s what I would do if I was in its shoes.



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