Tooth and Claw

Too Slow

This is such a cluster fuck. Things were not good, not good at all. Before them in the room Julia sat chained to a chair. She had been drugged by this druid and was slipping in and out of consciousness. The druid in question, stood behind her with Swift’s silver dagger held to Julia’s throat. She had given them a choice, if they stayed she would kill Julia now, if they left she would kill her later. Not much of a choice in that.

Cal’s hand held the gun level, pointed at the woman’s head. 20 metres maybe. That’s too far, I can’t clear that before she slits her throat. One shot, one shot is all I’d have. I’m not a good enough shot, I could hit Julia. Silver bullets, that could kill her. Shit. It was a standoff. They couldn’t move or Julia would get her throat slit, but they wouldn’t leave her.

Sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones, but you still have to choose.

Nahuel was getting agitated. He was already pissed off, the way he had claimed the kill, that was unlike him. He was not blood thirsty, then again, this was a bad day. He was ready for an ambush but that was unlikely to happen, and he was unlikely to stay there once he found that out. He would attempt something and Cal did not know what, that scared him.

There was too much uncertainty. He didn’t know what to do. He knew what the druid was capable of, he knew she would kill Julia, he knew they had to stop that from happening, but he didn’t know how. He was afraid to even breathe in case it disrupted the delicate balance that was this situation. He knew they were running out of time.

The druid, she was out for revenge. Her son had been killed by a werewolf and she was trying to, weaken, maybe outright kill the attacker with this ritual. She could not be dissuaded, she could not be reasoned with. Cal had even felt sorry for her, they didn’t need to kill her, they could help her, that was until she made her offer. Exchange Julia for another Guardian, one life for another. No chance. No more murders, but…

“I offer myself in her place.” If I can only get close enough, I can kill her in one motion. The druid looked at him with hatred.

“You are not a Guardian, none of you are.” Well that’s that plan out.

Annie, she was still trying to reason with her. Trying to offer their help against the creature that had murdered the druid’s son, but she was getting nowhere, the woman’s mind was already set. Jake was becoming more agitated by the moment, the tension in the room was building fast and could not be sustained for long, things were moving quickly towards their climax.

Cal felt the air shift as something moved passed him. Nahuel. The Ragabash had given up waiting and was using one of his spirit gifts to attempt to sneak into the room right in front of the druid. Cal keep his eyes fixed on the druids. If this fails… he couldn’t make out Nahuel in his peripheral vision, he just knew that he was trying to move around behind the druid.

Come on, you can do this.

Cal saw the druid’s eye’s flicker to the left. Fuck, she saw him. Now or never. He summoned all the speed he could and sprinted towards the druid. Just one chance, I reach her, or she kills Julia. He was fast, faster than he had ever been. He ran to her faster than he had run home, faster than he had fled insanity in Scar, faster than he had run after Natalia. He was within reaching distance, he could almost touch her, but he was not fast enough.

He watched in horror as time slowed. He saw the blade drag across Julia throat, her blood spilling forth in terrible spurts. The scent of it filled the room, a familiar scent. The past came rushing up to meet him as he stood mid step, held in a suspend moment. Blood, Julia’s blood, the scent, the taste, her blood is on my paws. I wasn’t fast enough, I wasn’t strong enough, I couldn’t save her, I couldn’t stop it, I couldn’t stop it.

Suppressed pain, regret and fear burst forth from deep within him. Rage took hold and time sped up once more.



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