Tooth and Claw

Winter's Valentine

slightly smooshy

“Happy Valentine’s day!” he exclaimed as Emma opened the door. She smiled wryly and took the chocolates off Nahuel’s hands.

“I thought we weren’t celebrating? You said it’s pointless.”

“I did, but then I was told that even if you love her year round, it’s still nice to make a gesture.” He paused. “Julia told me human women always like chocolate.”

Emma smiled and placed the chocolates on the hall table. She wound her arms around Nahuel and kissed him playfully on the nose. “Well, she was right. I will always appreciate chocolate.”

He kissed her back and held her for a while. Her smell lingered in his noise and he took it all in.

“So, are you ready for lunch?” he asked, gently caressing her hair. Emma was being sent on an expedition for two weeks tonight so they’d had to change their plans to lunch time.

Nahuel assumed it was a kinfolk plan to keep them at a safe house or something. It meant skipping dinner, but he was okay with that. He had been going to take her to a nice restaurant that Julia recommended, but now it would be a walk around the farmer’s market and some nibbles by the park.

“Yeah. Just let me get changed first,” she said as she wandered off to her bedroom.

Nahuel sat on the couch, staring at the traffic from her window. It seemed odd to him to have a day dedicated to love, but it is what it is. Humans had all these weird days and traditions and he was sure a lot of the werewolf ones would look weird to them as well.
The door to the bedroom opened up and Emma walked out. She was wearing black stockings, coupled with a garter belt and lacy underwear. She smiled shyly at Nahuel, doing a little twirl.

“I was thinking we could just stay in for now. I have these new-”

She didn’t manage to finish her sentence. Nahuel was already kissing her.
He held her hand as they sat at their bench in the woods. Redwoods were surrounding them and the cold breeze blew on their face. Snow was widespread, with parts of it just starting to melt. Emma opened her tupperware and offered the berries to Nahuel. He took a handful and so did she.

“You like winter, huh?” she asked, looking around.

He nodded. “Something about the snow that always makes me feel peaceful.”
“It’s always quieter that’s for sure.”

He ran his fingers along her hand and kissed her on the forehead. “I hope we get to see many of those together”

She smiled, put another blueberry in her mouth. “Not the way you are hogging those berries, we won’t.”

It was a beautiful day but there was something that seemed to hang above them. Their relationship had become much more affectionate than before. It seemed to Nahuel that the impending Apocalypse had made them both clingier. He couldn’t help but feel that he was going to lose her and he was sure that the feeling was mutual.

He looked at her face and smiled. She was beautiful in every way.

“Hey. I love you.”

She smiled at him. “I love you too.”

He held her hand as they both sat in comfortable silence, sharing berries and looking at the snow.



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