Catherine Hennings

Detective in the First City Police Department


Catherine Hennings joined the police force because she wanted to help people. She quickly learned that some people can’t be helped – worse, some people don’t want to be helped. Some people just want to drag everybody else down around with them into the mire. These people were too dangerous to be left on the streets. For the good of the honest people of the city she learned to be just a little bit cruel. This coupled with her natural determination meant she quickly rose through the ranks of the police force to become detective. She values the sanctity of the law above everything else.

She dated Raven for 10 months and, despite their best attempts, everybody knew about it, except Nahuel. They broke up on Valentine’s day after Catherine found herself unable to cope with the realities of a Garou relationship. She chooses to remain on the outskirts of Kinfolk society.

She is a friend of Cal’s despite all that has happened between them. She understands that he is trying his best to be a better man and a better friend. In return she is trying to place more trust in him and teach him.

She helped Nahuel get a job as a private detective, something which she keeps tabs on to make sure he doesn’t do something stupid.

She likes Julia and thinks she is the ideal person to lead the Storm Bringers.

She has had few dealings with Annie, but they have had a few conversations since her break-up and Catherine has been more open than usual. She is aware that the other woman is in a relationship with Raven and does not appear to begrudge it – although she did promise to hurt Annie if she broke Raven’s heart.

Catherine Hennings

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