Julia (Collins-Smythe)


Human – Julia has brown skin and blue eyes. She is tall at 5’10" and naturally lithe with a dancer’s body. She is very beautiful, and very aware of that. Her hair is curly and well maintained.

Her recent use of her fairy boon to change herself has had physical side effects that have led to her becoming more fae in appearance – minor points on her ears, a few inches taller, an air of etherealness, an increased vibrancy in the colour of her eyes and hair and skin etc. She looks somehow more and less real, and it is increasingly challenging for her to blend into a crowd.

Wolf – As a wolf, Julia is pure white, with no marks or brindling. Her eyes remain blue. She is large for a wolf, lean and well kept.


Julia Collins-Smythe was born to an absent father and a swiftly deceased mother of moderate fame, in a bathroom in a hotel. She was found by the manager when guests complained that a cat had clearly got into the bathroom of one of the suites. Fortunately, things improved somewhat from there.

Adopted by the wealthy and affluent Collins-Smythe dynasty, Julia grew up in privilege. Her parents ran one of the largest mega-corporations in the world, especially dominant on the continental east coast of America, and Julia was their only child. Although she was clearly of mixed race descent, with a Kenyan mother and presumably white father leaving her warm brown skin and bright blue eyes, she was nonetheless surprisingly well adjusted to life in a rich white community. She knew enough about her birth mother – an up and coming actress with a promising career who had tragically died due to unexpected birth complications in that hotel bathroom – and cared to know little about her father. She had everything she ever could have wanted as a child, with loving parents, many friends and few worries. Julia was never particularly academically inclined, preferring to coast through her classes rather than excel, and focusing on sports, arts and a future modelling career over her studies. She knew she was beautiful and could be more than a little vain. And then she hit the rebellious teenage years.

Much like her peers, Julia started to chafe at the bit. She felt constricted by the wealth and expectations of her family, questioning of her role in life. She didn’t want to be heir to the family business, to have to learn about how to run things and be a proper lady – it was dull, especially when there were parties to go to. There were fights about her slipping grades, accusations that her parents had only adopted her to look good, slammed doors. Julia and her friends were young, rich and used to getting what they wanted. She started spending more evenings at her friends – by which she really meant out in town, in places she was too young to get into but somehow still did. Her parents tried grounding her, taking away access to her phone, locking the trust fund. None of it worked.

When she was sixteen Julia met Jake Cuorene. She fell hard. He was smooth, charming and stomach-meltingly gorgeous in the way only a bad boy could be. Most importantly, he was interested in her. Of course she knew that the fact she was rich may have had something to do with it – she might have been young, but she wasn’t stupid. But she still fell anyway. He made her knees weak and her stomach fill with butterflies. He seemed dangerous in a smooth animalistic predatory way, but when she was with him she felt safe and so loved she thought she might melt from happiness. It was hard to say no a guy like that – sometimes he scared her, but the thrill of danger was exciting rather than a warning. Their relationship was turbulent, punctuated by screaming fights and intense make-up sessions. Her parents naturally disapproved, blaming Jake for Julia’s behaviour and refusing to let her see him – not that it stopped her. If anything, it just meant she spent even more time sneaking out to see him or smuggling him up to her room.

After almost two years of continuous fights and feeling increasingly out of place in her family home, Julia decided to run away. She was eighteen, so it wasn’t like her parents could stop her, and she really didn’t want to have to be the heir that they wanted her to be when they were so insistent on still treating her like a child. Jake would take care of her and they could start a new life together. It would be tough, but eventually her parents would realise that if they wanted their baby girl back they would have to accept Jake as part of the package. It wouldn’t be too long – her mother was stubborn, but her father would want her back. Like any naïve privileged teenager, Julia thought she had it all worked out.

Naturally it didn’t work that way. For all his charm and ability to blend into the people she’d grown up with as if he was one of them, Jake’s home was still not at the standard she was used to living at – not by a long way. He lived in a grotty one bed apartment on the bad side of town. It had mould and rats and the bathroom was perpetually flooded. He was hardly ever home, growing increasingly distant and involved in his job and Julia spent most of the day by herself. She had no money, no friends and no job, and no idea how to get any of these things without turning to others for help. Being stubborn, she refused to see the truth of the situation and return to her family. Things slowly deteriorated over the next four months. Their relationship remained turbulent, but there were far more fights than before. And then one day he hit her and something snapped.

Afterwards she fled, ending up in a local park. She ran amongst the trees, fleeing an enemy she couldn’t escape, running from herself. She thought she had killed him. It took a long time for her to stop, collapsing in exhaustion at the edge of a lake. That was where she saw for the first time what she was, the beast that had been hiding inside. Then she fled again. Some hours later she was found by others like her, and her life changed forever.

Julia did not adjust to werewolf society well. She was made to leave the city she was born in, had lived in all her life and move cross country. They told her it would be better this way, that she could start afresh without the burden of having to hide her new identity from her family. She struggled to look after herself for a long time, refusing to interact and involve herself in the misguided belief that perhaps this wasn’t real and she hadn’t killed the man she loved. The other Garou seemed to have some sort of respect for her that she didn’t entirely understand. Apparently her tribe were ‘royalty’ or something. She didn’t really understand – how the fuck did wolves even have kings?

It was six months before she had some semblance of a life, a job that let her eat and rent in a tiny two room flat. She was nineteen when Jake came back. He appeared out of the blue at her door on her birthday. She thought he was a ghost at first, come to taunt her with his easy smile and wicked laugh. He had a scar down his right cheek and onto his jaw, but it looked sexy rather than disfiguring. It was the only time in her life she ever fainted. He didn’t want to punish her. He told her he understood what happened, that he didn’t blame her and it was alright. That he knew what she was going through, because he was the same, he was a wolf too. Maybe they could try again. And like an idiot she said yes. They picked up where they left off, this time living separately. It was still kind of turbulent, but at least she had an idea why now. Their relationship continued, despite her better judgement and increasing concerns about his tribe. Something about that man makes all her common sense fly right out the window.

Julia is currently twenty-one. She is still young and stubborn and a little naïve, but her time on her own has forced her to grow up and understand the importance of having people that you can rely on. She lives in the city and has been keeping her head low recently since she realised her parents are still looking for her.

Julia is the alpha of the Storm Bringers pack. They are an unusual bunch and have had a turbulent start to their werewolf life – and that turbulence does not appear to be going away. Nevertheless, she has proven her capability as a leader repeatedly. She is now working hard to adjust to this commitment and be a part of both the werewolf and human worlds. She doesn’t always like or agree with everything she finds, but she has made many friends (and a few enemies).

Julia has grown up considerably in the last year, and her innate goodness has pushed her to really try and make a difference. Her attempts to try and help people often run contrary to Garou society and culture, but it hasn’t stopped her trying. Julia is often tolerant and forgiving to the point of naivety – she wants to believe very much that people who do bad things can change, given the right incentive and support. This belief has been tested over and over, by friend and foe alike, but has largely held strong.

She reconnected with her parents when they finally found her in late spring. It has proven challenging, especially when she was still trying to hide what she was from them. Things became easier after she accidentally revealed it and they informed her that they were well aware of the supernatural world, despite not being part of it themselves. She also finally met her biological father. Their relationship has been challenging – although it has improved from its initial poor beginnings, their fundamental differences in life and ideas have made it difficult to connect.

Julia used her fairy boon to alter her spiritual nature, in order to allow herself to be able to contain raw Wyld energy within herself. This has had several side effects, not all of which have become clear yet.

She is currently pregnant with Jake’s metis.

Julia (Collins-Smythe)

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