A quiet pup



Nahuel was born in a wolf pack in the Woods. He is a very independent wolf and loves taking initiative in what he knows he is good at. However he grows more and more anxious if he knows that there is no pack to back him up and counter his weaknesses. Due to his pack mentality, Nahuel starts placing his trust more and more on his kin and pack and becomes more and more distrusting of strangers he doesn’t know. Nahuel never knew his father. There are rumours of his father being a spirit of Winter. His mom refuses to talk about it but two of Nahuel’s teeth often have a mind of their own and feel colder than the rest.
Nahuel has an affinity for stealth, scouting and tracking and he knows this fully well. He feels more at home in the Woods when it snows and trust only spirits that feel or represent natural aspects.
Nahuel majorly struggles in his human form. He has vague ideas on how to behave and tries his best to blend in but cannot understand the more abstract ideas behind human civilisation and concepts. It all seem extremely unfamiliar to him and when in his human form is very anxious to make sure that everything he does seem proper and natural.
Instead Nahuel feels more comfortable in the form he was born which is the Lupus. All social interactions feel proper to him then and he enjoys the extra perception gained through his wolf eyes.


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